Sustainability in the kitchen

Fee: 400,00 EUR

Duration: 5 days / 30 hours


Sustainability in the kitchen involves being mindful of the impact of our daily kitchen activities on the environment and taking steps to reduce waste, conserve resources, and promote sustainable practices. We will have a look at slow cookers and their benefits in terms of energy efficiency and reducing food waste as well as food processors to promote healthy eating habits.
The course will use a combination of various methods that are engaging, interactive and provide teachers and trainers with practical ideas and tools for promoting sustainability in their own classes. Together we will cook meals related to each day’s sustainability topics.


The main objective is to learn how to use the sustainability approach to minimize the impact of our daily kitchen activities on the environment and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.


Teacher/Trainers will

  •  gain increased knowledge and awareness of sustainability in the kitchen,
  • develop new teaching skills and techniques to encourage and enhance students’ engagement,
  • learn how to save costs,
  • learn how to promote a healthier lifestyle,
  • contribute to a more sustainable future.


The course is aimed at adult educators, teachers and learners from adult education centres and schools with courses in household, kitchen, and nutrition.

– 1. day: The importance of sustainability
Energy-efficient cooking and sustainable cleaning products. Strategies for meal planning to avoid overbuying and overcooking.

– 2. day: The impact of ecological and seasonal food on the environment
Excursion to an ecological farm and learn about seasonal and regional food.

– 3. day: Plant-based diets

The impact of animal agriculture and the health benefits of plant-based diets. Cooking a plant-based meal that is tasty and sustainable.

– 4. day: Reducing food waste

What impact does food waste have on our environment? Composting and other methods of avoiding food waste.

– 5. day: Techniques for proper food storage

Ways to extend the life of produce, meat, and other perishable items.

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